In November 2015, Naomi spent some time with Year 4 from St Andrew’s thinking about the theme for the 2016/17 Methodist Prayer Handbook, ‘Freedoms to Share’. Here is the collection of prayers that the pupils wrote.


In June 2016, Dawn and Naomi led ‘Reflections’ days with classes from both Boothstown Methodist Primary and Mytham Primary. The activities were created to give the pupils chance to take time and reflect, encouraging them to think about their hopes, the things that they are thankful for or worried about and their questions, amongst other things. This booklet explains our hopes in creating the activities and the practicalities of how it all worked, please feel free to use it as a resource.


 Bolton Christian Community Cohesion have created the booklet “Callers In Need”   which signposts people in need to the correct charity, group or service that could be of help to them.


To find the readings for the week please click here to view the Vanderbilt Divinity Library’s Revised Common Lectionary


There is to be a Firm Roots Retreat Day on the 12th November for anybody that may be interested.  The poster and booking form can be accessed here: