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Why is ‘The Church’ important?

The church does not refer to a building but only to the congregation of worshippers. The Church universal is not a man made organisation. It is founded by Jesus Christ and is part of the eternal purpose of God. It is the natural setting for our personal worship of God and for the cultivation of Christian character. The Church is also intended to be a source of strength for the individual and safeguards us from trying to be solitary Christians, isolated from support and encouragement.

What is distinctive about the Methodist Church?

In 1739 John Wesley felt called by God to a travelling preaching ministry: in homes, churches and in the open air. His listeners were offered the same message of salvation that he himself had experienced. It was not his intention that Methodism should separate from his own Church of England, but rather a movement within it. By the time of Wesley’s death it had become another denomination. Our beliefs are based on the teachings of the Bible and the Gospel the Apostles preached. We accept the Creeds of the early Church and the principles of the Protestant Reformation.


Baptism means we are placed in the worldwide family of God’s people. It signifies the forgiveness and cleansing of sin and rebirth through the Holy Spirit to a new life in Christ. It may be administered to an infant, or to a young person or an adult, in recognition of a commitment to Christianity.


Marriage in a Christian Context is not only a solemn, legal contract; it is also an act of worship inn which marriage s celebrated as a gift from God. The occasion should be shared and witnessed by family and friends. The service’s themes of love, hope, faithfulness, sacrifice and trust are at the heart of the Christian gospel.


Christians do not think it wrong to express sorrow at the loss of a loved one. Although we mourn, we also celebrate in thanksgiving for the life of the loved one, who we place in God’s care. The Methodist Church is always ready to assist the bereaved who seek the consolations of the Christian faith. Please contact our Ministers for advice.

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